Learn the story of the original Tasmanian outlaw as never told before.

Michael Howe is considered by many to be one of the worst criminals in Australian history. His career of lawlessness brought the island of Van Diemen’s Land to its knees, and in a panic, martial law was introduced in order to restore order. But was he really the heartless monster he was made out to be? Who really was the man that became the bugbear of the colonial government? Here, you will find the answers.

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The Real Michael Howe

For over two hundred years, the story of bushranger Michael Howe has been greatly distorted, with the facts buried beneath murky layers of falsehood and political disinformation. Since colonisation, Australia has been home to many bushrangers and convict bolters, with most experiencing a twisting of their story by newspapers and writers of the time; indeed,Continue reading “The Real Michael Howe”


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