Learn the story of the original Tasmanian outlaw as never told before.

Michael Howe is considered by many to be one of the worst criminals in Australian history. His career of lawlessness brought the island of Van Diemen’s Land to its knees, and in a panic, martial law was introduced in order to restore order. But was he really the heartless monster he was made out to be? Who really was the man that became the bugbear of the colonial government? Here, you will find the answers.

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A Rough Sailor-Looking Fellow

By those who saw him, Michael was described as a “rough sailor-looking fellow” who stood at around 5ft 8. His eyes were deep set and he had a profusion of coarse hair which framed his slightly pockmarked face. From ‘Early Troubles of the Colonists’ by James Calder. Illustration by Aidan Phelan.

A Knapsack Full of Flour

According to Carlisle’s servant Patrick Flaherty, while he was cooking breakfast on the morning of the 24th of April 1815, Richard Collier, Richard McGwyre, Peter Septon, Hugh Burn and Peter Geary entered the hut and demanded Flaherty not to stir. With their muskets cocked, the outlaws searched through the room for items they stood inContinue reading “A Knapsack Full of Flour”


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