Michael’s Journal

While raiding the house of a Mr Pitt, Michael came across a book that took his eye and placed it in his Knapsack. This book would come to be his ‘journal of dreams’, with Michael writing in every spare space he could find not taken by text and possibly adding to its length with fresh paper when he could secure it. In fact, he used it to such an extent that the cover became torn and dog-eared, which Michael patched up with kangaroo skin, neatly sewn with the animals sinews. In this journal, he wrote of his longing of settling in the bush and included lists of vegetable, fruit and flower seeds he wished to acquire for his bush home. He also wrote of the dreams that plagued his mind while sleeping, such as being captured and tortured by soldiers. Michael also included dreams and details about his sister, possibly one of the only people in his life to ever show him kindness. One example was given by Miss Pitt, who the journal was returned to after Michael had become separated from it. It stated, “This is my sister’s birthday. It is now — years since we parted.”

Sourced from: ‘Early Troubles of the Colonists’, by J.E Calder. Published in the Hobart Town Mercury on the 5th of December 1873.

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