The Hut at Abyssinia

In early 1815, James Whitehead was brought to Michael’s Abyssinia hut by Burrell, a sympathiser to the gang and servant to John Ingle, the man Michael had been first assigned to. James had given himself up when the pardon had been offered to the gang in 1814 and had been assigned to Mr Gunning. He stayed working at Mr Gunning’s Coal River farm for several months, until he could take no more of the treatment. After taking to the bush again, he had briefly joined George Watts and Thomas Garland in their exploits, but being so appalled by their actions decided to re-join Michael. On being back with the gang, James informed Michael of the wheat and corn stacks Watts and Garland had burnt and the horses the pair had stolen from Mr Gordon. Putting to rest the belief that Michael had anything to do with these “atrocious outrages”, as James called them.

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