The Love of a Good Book

During the Howe Gangs raids upon homesteads, books were often much sought after by the “gentlemen foresters”. One such book taken by the gang was ‘The History of Tom Jones’ volume 1 in early 1815. Furthermore, it happened to be the theft of a book which resulted in the transportation of gang member George Jones from his home in Warwick, while under the alias of George Giddings. He also took a book belonging to Charles Carlisle during their early morning visit and later claimed a book belonging to a servant of Lieutenant-Governor Davey. Like George, Michael was also partial to a good book, particularly if it was about gardening, which is exactly what he took from Mr Pitt while raiding his Pittwater home. Dictionaries too, were useful to the reading and writing outlaw, with Michael taking a dictionary from Mr Peachey, promising the overseer he would later return it.

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