Michael Howe’s Raid on Nonesuch

The following is taken from the memoirs of Alexander Laing, who at the time of Michael Howe’s raid on the residence of T.A. Lascelles was an assigned servant. On the 21st November 1816, a banditti of bushrangers headed by Michael Howe called at Nonesuch, the residence of T.A. Lascelles Esq., in the forenoon of thatContinue reading “Michael Howe’s Raid on Nonesuch”

A Few Sheep from Richard Dry

In late 1815, Michael Howe and his gang travelled down from their hideout in the Tiers and paid a visit to the property of Richard Dry at Quamby’s Plains, near Launceston. Being low on stores, the gang stole four of Richard’s sheep, which, with the aid of their kangaroo dogs, they drove back to theirContinue reading “A Few Sheep from Richard Dry”

Gentlemen Bushrangers

While some writers may wish to state otherwise, Michael and his gang were known to act gentlemanly and respectfully around the women and men whose company they found themselves in. As James Calder himself states, “none of these pillaging’s were attended with personal violence of any kind…Howe disliked unnecessary violence, and though he sometimes threatenedContinue reading “Gentlemen Bushrangers”